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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 27, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am PST

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crash. that's "inside edition" for today. i'm a fall heat wave is gripping the bay area and most of california, record breaking temperatures created problems for people all around the region, we have team corvine including how schools tried to keep athletes safe. jacqueline has the latest forecast details. >> reporter: record breaking heat out there today, a number of regards shattered. santa rosa 102 degrees. also saw record breaking temperatures in oakland, san francisco, a lot of 90s out there today, even triple digits. 100 degrees in conquered.
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98 in fairfield. 98 in antioch. coast line, 75 in pacifica. thanksthanks to the fog there. fog at the immediate coast line, that's why temperatures are cooler. we are in the 70s and 80s right now. that's profound. 75 san francisco, very warm. we usually don't hit a high of 75 in san francisco. very hot into tomorrow morning. we will talk about that more in just a bit. >> high temperatures created fire danger. take a look at marin county, this fire broke out at 2:30 this afternoon. fire crews respond and had the
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fires under control. the cruise will remain that site all night long to make sure there are no flair ups. this was the scene near thousand oaks. the fire started after 2:00 this afternoon. there were no evacuations ordered. 75 firefighters, engines and helicopters are all there to fight the blaze. schools concerned when the weather gets this intense, the heat can put a lot of kids at risk for heat stroke. as 24678 craig tells us, practice continues at one high school, as long as the players get water and lots of it. >> reporter: the san jose football team is spending hours on the field and it's thought-
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hot. there are conditions in place to prevent heat stroke. it's usually not that hot here. water is making that much of a difference. >> get water. >> reporter: the coach lets them go 15 minutes, then it's time for a water break. they do this even when temperatures are in the 80s. >> run 8 plays and then get higrated. it's hot out here. it's really hot so we make sure they get hydrated. >> reporter: those 15 minutes take a lot out of players. and many see the heat as a right of passage. >> it's really hot out here. >> reporter: without the water these kids could get nauseous, stop sweating and pass out so the water keeps flowing, it will need to because the heat
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is going continue for a while. the heat took its toll on public transportation today. bart trains were running slower because of the heat. you can see a lot of people waiting. riders were experiencing 20-25 minute delays. if the heat continues throughout the week, these delays will be a common experience if you plan to ride bart. people in nuvotto doing their best to keep themselves and their dogs cool. kron 4's reggie shows us where they go to beat the heat. >> dog bone midoes dog park to socialize and beat the heat. there is a creak behind the park. she had taken a dip in the water. there is also a tub and two boughter bowles inside the park
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where she likes to cool off. >> they can only sweat out their paws so like getting the -- water cools them down. >> reporter: do you go in the water? >> i don't but she forces me to get wet. >> what do you do to beat the heat? >> air conditioning in the car, in the office is good. try to get out to the coast because it's cooler. there is always a breeze here. you can count on it. that's why we are here. it's wonderful here. >> what did you do to beat the heat? >> drove around in the car. >> air conditioning. >> yeah. >> reporter: another hot day on tuesday, they will be back here again to try to keep cool. reggie, kron 4 news. we have the latest weather details on, click on the weather link. new details about the
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planned execution, it has been delayed by governor schwarzenegger. this is the man facing death, albert greenwood brown. the governor moved the execution to 9:00 p.m. thursday to give the courts time to weigh in on the case. earlier a judge refused to block the execution saying albert greenwood brown failed to show the procedures would cause him pain. kron 4's jonathan plains the governor's decision and when this might happen this might be the last execution in california for a while. >> reporter: governor schwarzenegger writes, i order a reprove of albert greenwood brown's execution. the governor says he has till thursday to file an appeal and can't be executed till the time to appeal has run out and the
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governor will consider his chance for clemency for raping susan jordan 30 years ago. albert greenwood brown is scheduled to die three hours before executions in california could grind to a halt. this time because the state run out of one of the three drugs used to put inmates to death. sarasodium thiopental, its it renders an inmate unconscious before a second drug paralyzes the inmate and a third derog stops the heart. now the company that makes the drug says a shortage of one increediant, says it could be 2011 before it could produce
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more. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. >> a new week good & a new day of clearing debris in a san bruno neighborhood. a look at what crews appreciated today plus a new law that a congress woman is pushing
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tonight's headlines, areas of the mid-west being battered by serious flooding. this is portage, wisconsin, a levy failed, eacuations have taken place, there is also flooding in minnesota and south dakota. the man who owns segways died
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last night. the body of jimi heselden and his segway were found in a river. investigators do not suspect foul play. he bought the company last september and known for giving millions to charity. a plan crashed into a building in arizona today. the cause is still not known. another day of potentially recording breaking heat. tomorrow, changes to our forecast that will affect when he cus group. so what are we testing here?
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5 days into the clean up effort in san bruno and so far crews removed more than 13 on its of debris. kelly shows us how the work is progressing. >> reporter: you see a house where the clean up process has just begun. you can see what is left. there is lots of ash and big
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communings of debris still left. they just removed household hazardous material from the site. here at the house next door, the debris removal is half way down. you can see they have a lot of metal and rubble to holloway. over here is what all the properties will look like when they are done with this project, all evidence of the burned home that used to be on this site has been removed. the last thing is to remove the burned trees for safety reason and do erosion control so soil doesn't get washed away. the ground has been graded so it's completely flat, so when the property owners here will have a level suffer on which -- service as which to rebuild. >> she is planing to introduce
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a bill requiring new regulations for gas companies. it will require utilitys to have remotely operated shut off valves on all pipelines. >> if there were shut off volves that could have turned the gas off in 5 minutes, inted of 1:40 minutes fewer lives would have been lost. it is something that should have been done a long time ago. >> it would also require utilities to notify residents if they are within 2,000 feet of a gas transmission line. another hot one for tomorrow. we will see fog right at the immediate coast line and
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temperatur will be cooler in these locations. find in some spots. noon hour, warming temperatures, 90s for many parts of the bay area. temperatures ranging from 44 at the coast line to 105. let's look neighborhood by neighborhood. 100 in sunona. the hot air is not going to move just get. because of the fog that coast line temperatures here more comfortable into the afternoon, 83 in san francisco, 89 oakland. 93 heyward. take a look at these temperatures. lots of triple digits. 102 pittsburgh. walnut creak same thing. 104 pleasanten. you can see it here with triple
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digits. south bay, upper 90s. 104 in lose gatos. 103 in morgan hill. wednesday will depend on how much the sea breeze gets. right now it's up in the air. we will see some relief on wednesday. weekend temperatures getting a lot cooler and the fog becoming deeper and pushing into the inland valleys as well. two airlines announced plans to join forces. southwest is aquering air tran. how the industry's merger might pay off for bay area travelers. >> reporter: colorful jets are a familiar sites, they have
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more than 100 flights daily. air tran only has flights from san francisco to its hub cities, milwaukee and atlanta. southwest is much larger. 4 times as many employees. 4 times as many planes. 4 times as many passengers. air tran has something southwest wants, service to new york and boston and a presence at atlanta. that could mean a big break for travelers. >> i think you will see some prices going down. they will test the markets with the new brand, especially atlanta, that will be a new branding campaign. >> reporter: catherine, kron 4 news. good news for the giants tonight and they didn't even play a game and turmoil in 49er
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good evening, the giants gain ground on a day off. here we go, cubs at san diego. the padres a half game back on the giants going in. 7 shut out inning for the cubs. the padres defense, you know, tejada going to make the play. the cubs with stand a padres threat in the 9th, win 1-0. the giants a full game lead over san diego. dodgers and rockies, colorado
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all but finished. blake to left field. dodgers win 3-1. rockies 5 back with 6 to go. about to go to sleep. philadelphia can sit back. looking at roy halladay, the best pitcher in the game right now. two hitter, the phillys celebrate their fourth connective championship. 8-0. a's playing for a .500 season. they are two games under. going to be a struggle. the angels doing the thing here. for the a's. 2-0. as we said, the a's have been struggling, 2 games under .500. rookie a's pitcher gave up a hit, two walks, 6-5, angels win. a a's a game ahead of the
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angels for second place. 49er quarterback mike johnson is now the offensive coordinator after psychiatricky ray got the hook today. singleterry claims it was his choice. he came back this morning, looked that tape and jimmy raye had to go. >> looking at where we need to go and felt that i needed to make the change. >> the 49ers are in atlanta sunday. raider legend george blanda passed away today. nobody played longer in professional football than blanda, played till he was 48, when he retired he was the all time professional leader in points scored and would come
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off the bench and quarterback the team, amazing performer. al davis loved him. james garner a big raider fan during the blanda hay day. he played for 26 seasons. he passes at the age of 83. monday night football, the 49ers, we keep hearing they should have drafted aaron rodgers, too late, rogers to gennings. 360 yards for rogers. look at hester. the acres, 17 penalties. the bears win 20-17. chicago 3-0, green bay 2-1. stanford football on fire. you see them at the number 9 position. this week they play oregon. they are the king of football this
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